Set Descending Direction

  1. Orange whistle with clip
  2. Cyalume Green Light
  3. Signaling ball for anchored boats.
  4. Signaling cone for sailboats using the motor.Height: 470 mm
  5. Hand held gas horn, snap-on type, complete with aluminium bottle. Environmentally safe inflammable gas 200 ml
  6. Floating fishnet light LED for signaling at sea, via ignition switch and automatic activation twilight.
  7. Marco Flush PL Horn
  8. Trem Tubular Radar Reflector for Sail Boat
  9. Inside mounted electromagnetic horn for small rubber and sailing boats.
  10. Trem Tubular Radar Reflector for Motor Boat
  11. Led buoy light mod. VEGA
  12. Universal voltage waterproof horn with intermittent sound.
  13. Marco Shark Horn White
  14. Tube-base radar reflector
  15. Marco Shark Horn Chromed
  16. Compact electromagnetic horn with stainless steel trumpet, base and membrane. Integrated cable.
  17. Electromagnetic horn with reduced dimensions but with high sound output. Body made of white enamel brass and stainless steel, white brass trumpet.
Set Descending Direction