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  1. New generation of hand pump indicated for kites, boats, kayaks, all inflatables
  2. New generation of hand pumps for all kind of in atable products.
  3. - Portata / Output: 1600 l/min - Pressione max / Max pressure: 175 mbar (2.5 psi) - Potenza / Power: 600 W - Dimensioni / Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 17 cm - 1,3 Kg
  4. This Bravo OV10 240 Volt Hi Speed Inflator & Deflator comes with a two pin plug, so will require a shaver style 13 amp plug. Complete with hose and multi valve fittings.
  5. Inflator with the ability to select the inflation pressure. Flow rate lt / min 160. Automatic stop at the selected pressure up to mbar 1000 (14.5 psi). Power supply 12V-20A. Complete with fittings for inflatable boats and kites e bag with shoulder strap. Dim. Mm. 205x105x130h

  6. Pressure selection facilitated with this special manometer. Flow l/min: 450/160. Automatic stop when selected pressure is reached, max 0,95 Bar (13,8 psi). Power supply 12V, consumption max. 20A. Equipped with connectors for dinghies and kites with shoulder bag. Dims. mm. 205x105x130h

  7. High-pressure electric inflator 12v
  8. New Bravo Rechargeable Inflatable Pump up to 22psi. All complete in carry bag.
  9. New 12V-45 / 60A inflator-deflator. Able to inflate maxi rafts in a few minutes. Flow rate lt / min 1000, max pressure 250 mbar (dinghy of 7 meters in 7 minutes). Equipped with 2 powerful motors mounted on an aluminum plate to dissipate heat. Power cable and tube each of 3 m. Dim. Mm. 310x190x180 h. Weight kg. 3.5
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