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Insta360 ONE


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4K iPhone compatible 360 VR Camera with live-streaming functionality


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Insta360 One: It's better in One

ALL IN ONE. Insta360 have combined the best of modern cameras, technology and 360-degree video and photography into one, the Insta360 One. A sleek, compact 4K Ultra HD camera, with 24 megapixels to take stunning photos alongside amazing videos. It sits on the bottom of your phone, which you turn upside down, turning an iOS or Android device into an instant 360 camera.

Featured is 360 Live-streaming, so you can share your adventures with friends or family on a variety of streaming sites. When out with friends, you don’t want to have to frame up your shots there and then, so using FreeCapture, you can go back in after to have the 360 video focus in on what you want, rather than sharing the whole thing in one go. This is ideal for vlogging or making sure you don’t miss a beat when sharing online.

Stabilisation and SmartTrack

BUTTERY SMOOT. HInside, you get 6-axis stabilisation, which turns your videos from rattled, jittery messes into buttery smooth, UHD footage that compensates for when life gets choppy. This stabilisation is fantastic when it comes to the Insta360 One’s SmartTrack. With the touch on the app (available on iOS and Android), you can track even the gnarliest of tricks on a skateboard or just a friend walking along for a smooth tracking shot.

BULLET TIME. A main difference between the One and the Nano S or previous Insta360 models of 360 cameras, is that this features Bullet Time. By attaching the included fish wire and threaded plug, you swing the camera all the way around your head. This results in a breath-taking 360 video that mimics low flying drones or your favourite movies, capturing a moment in one swing.

Hardware and Connections

360 VIDEOCapture the entire of your surroundings with stunning 360 video

4K RESOLUTIONGet the absolute best quality with 4K Video and make your videos truly come alive

BULLET TIMEGet unique shots by swinging the One around your head

SMARTTRACKUse your phone's screen to highlight and track something on the go

24 MEGAPIXELSBeautiful stills with your beautiful video

SD CARDSStore your files on your SD Card to keep them safe before editing

TIMELAPSECapture wonderful timelapses, all in 360 and 4K

BLUETOOTH. Capture things away from your device for action shots and more

ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYTHING. Insta360 know that it’s important that your device go everywhere you go. So not only is it small, but comes with a standard threaded hole to connect to helmets, selfie sticks, suction cup bases and tripods. But we’re not just limited to riding real fast or taking selfies with friends. We’re also in the air, as the One can be connected to a drone to capture unparalleled footage within the consumer market today. Because Insta360 want you to take the One on your adventures, it’s IP68 waterproof too, with a 9HD Hardness, ensuring it won’t get damaged in the thick of it.

HELMETAttach the One to your helmet to capture your drive

TRIPODGet still, stable shots on your favourite tripod

SELFIE STICKSold seperately, the Insta360 One Selfie Stick is the perfect companion

DRONESTake to the skies to capture the best in 360 video available to the consumer today

SUCTION CUP BASEAttach your Insta360 One wherever, with a handy suction cup base

WATERPROOF HOUSING. Tough and durable, take the One wherever you go

IT'S TIME TO GO LIVE! Take your Insta360 One's 4K video online and show the whole world what adventure you're on for the day with 360 live streaming.

FACEBOOK LIVE. Share you experiences with your friends and family or your Facebook Page

YOUTUBE. Vlog or capture an event to post directly to YouTube, live directly from your phone

WEIBO. Go live for your Chinese friends, family or audience

PERISCOPE. Show off to the world on Periscope or your followers on Twitter

Compatability with Phones and Devices

IPHONE 6 ONWARDS. The Insta360 One is compatible with every iPhone from the 6 onwards. It’s also usable on iPad, from the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 onwards.

NOW ON ANDROID. On Android, you’ll need the Insta360 One Adapter, which comes in Micro USB or USB C. Your phone will have to meet minimum specifications. This means phones like the Xiamo 5, Honor 8, LG V20 or V30 and Smartisan’s Nut Pro won’t work with the Adapter. 

YOU'LL NEED THESE SPECS TO USE THE ONETo run the Insta360 One without any issue, you'll need: Android 5.1 (Lollipop) or above; a USB port that supports OTG; a Qualcomm 810 or Kirin 955 or above processor and 2GB of RAM.

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameInsta360 ONE