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Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd (Registered in England 1231692) began manufacturing over 35 years ago with one goal - to make the best diving equipment in the world. Their strengths in design, development and engineering craftsmanship produce equipment of such a high standard that they are now the benchmark standards other manufacturers strive for.

Through constant innovation and development, Apeks has grown into a major player in the diving industry. Apeks is a respected name and their factory is probably the best centre in Europe for the development and manufacture of regulators. Those same high standards that started the company all those years ago apply just as much today. Ken Ainscough, a keen diver and engineer,founded the company with Eric Partington, and the dedicated divers and experts now working at Apeks are all committed to those original values.

Apeks commitment doesn't end at the sales counter. They care about customers. Apeks products are backed by a professional service with a world wide reputation and distribution network.

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