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Gooper Hermetic is introducing a whole new way to magnetically attach and seal things, effortlessly!
Their patent-pending magnetic strips are deceptively simple in look, but they’re sophisticated in design. They use neodymium magnets – the strongest kind of permanent magnet made today - and embed them into an ultra-strong, durable, and flexible TPU strip.  
Gooper magnets are fully encapsulated so they are 100% rustproof. The technology behind Gooper products is based on simple science; when you place two Gooper magnetic strips next to each other and let go, they smack together to create an instant, waterproof seal.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

  1. Gooper Smart Phone model 17A - Blue

    Gooper Smart Phone model 17A

    Price list: $28.41 $21.85
  2. Gooper Smart Phone model 17B - Lime

    Gooper Smart Phone model 17B

    Price list: $31.69 $23.67
  3. Gooper Mini Tablet Mod. 52 - Blue

    Gooper Mini Tablet model 52

    Price list: $44.80 $33.69
  4. Gooper Tablet Extreme model 19 - Black

    Gooper Tablet Extreme model 19

    Price list: $53.54 $40.97

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)