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Aqualung Look Navy Multilens

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This classic universal size mask now includes three types of lenses. As in any outdoor sport, the lenses must be adapted to the surrounding conditions. If you dive in a blinding sun or even at night, you can choose the best lenses for your underwater adventure with this complete set.


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It is the first multi-lens mask on the market and is an Aqua Lung mask. The additional lenses included in this set are:
- pure clear lenses containing less iron for incredible transparency. These lenses show no green tint unlike standard lenses. They are transparent in every way, making colors, textures and shapes with incredible fidelity. Use these lenses when visibility or light is poor during the dive.
- a set of yellow anti-UV treated lenses to reduce blue light. The latter, due to its shorter wavelength, disperses more easily than other colors and makes it more difficult to focus on a subject. By removing this blue light, you increase the sharpness and depth perception, while reducing eye strain. The use of these lenses is recommended in overcast conditions.
- The third option is the blue HD lens set. Their specific hue enhances the warmer colors underwater, offering greater contrast and a better perception of depth and color. The mirror coating reduces glare. Use these lenses when it's sunny, just like you would with sunglasses on the surface.

Packaged in a sturdy EVA case with zip and Aqua Lung brand, this set is extremely complete. By offering "three masks in one", it will be suitable for all dives, regardless of the conditions, however difficult they may be.

Classic double window skirt
Pure Clear lenses for optimal clarity in low light conditions
Yellow anti-UV colored lenses to reduce blue light and improve sharpness and depth perception on cloudy days
The blue HD mirror lenses enhance the warmer colors underwater and offer greater contrast in sunny conditions
Quick lens disassembly system for easy user replacement in minutes.
Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) which optimizes the waterproof properties of the silicone skirt and improves its fit and comfort.
Innovative strap that better fits the diver's head for greater comfort and better support
The lenses with UV and blue HD treatment offer HEV / UVA / UVB protection

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameAqualung Look Navy Multilens
Warranty2 Years