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TREM is the Italian company which is a European and world leader in the production and marketing of accessories for sailing, camping and leisure. The company has a complex, well-organised structure which developed over more than thirty years, during which it successfully made the transition from a craft producer of elastic ropes to its current level of entrepreneurial excellence, involved in the main markets world-wide.

The ability to combine the craftsman's care and enthusiasm with technical knowledge and entrepreneurial initiative was the formula that allowed the company to grow from a technical, logistics and marketing viewpoint to its current size, with a facility that has more than 16000 square metres of covered space for production, warehouse, marketing and administrative offices.

Its highly developed production system allowed TREM to gain ISO 9001 certification for its Quality System several years ago. This certificate allows it to co-operate with the leading companies in the sector and is a further guarantee of the quality of TREM products.

But the real key to TREM's success is its ability to make and launch items that always fulfil market requirements, with an internal system for tracking all stages of development, design, production, assembly, storage, marketing and shipment. It is a complex, dynamic, well-organised company, able to swiftly meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding market.