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Mareshop 2022 Calendar

Mareshop 2022 Calendar

A new year and a new calendar: we are happy to present you the Mareshop 2022 calendar, created thanks to the many, many friends who support us and who participate with their photos in the selections. We wish we could publish them all, but a year has only 12 months, so here are the protagonists of this year's pages! As always, the calendar will be given as a gift to all those who request it in printed form (while stocks last) or download it from the website, with the wish that it will be a year of rebirth and restart for everyone. Happy blue to all!

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We would like to thank the authors of the Mareshop 2022 calendar.

Alexandre De Abreu
Andrea Bettancini
Antonio Venturelli
Cristian Camilo Meneses Rodriguez (Freediver Pacific)
Elena e Alessio
Giuseppe Avellino
Jean Claude Cadiet
Luciano Pregnolato (Reflex71)
Mario Princiotta
Monique Guinebault
Piero Cavalieri
Susanna Randazzo
Sven Riewe
Vedran Vlah

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