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Dry training for freediving

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Copy signed by Umberto Pelizzari


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Freediving is a wonderful world!
I discovered it while following the black line on the bottom of the pool during the 40,000 km I have covered in 25 years of swimming.
Freediving is so natural that many people do not consider it a sport, but rather a technique that helps swimmers hold their breath while exploring the seabed or spearfishing.
But it is a real, technical and well-structured sport, rewarding those who practice it by putting them in touch with themselves and with nature.
Freediving means freedom. I’m sure everyone has, at least once, dreamt of being a dolphin, playing with the school, riding a wave and taking a dip in the deep blue. Almost everyone has put his or her head underwater for a few seconds and said afterward, “I made it!”
Freediving is essential in many sports and a great way to further develop and improve technique and performance. I devote a large part of my swimming training to dynamic apnea exercises to improve turns and starts.
But while freediving can be of significant help in many sports, this book shows the other side of the coin, and that is, how other sports can help freediving and those who practice it.
I believe there is still a lot to learn about how to train your body for apnea, simply because it completely overturns the physiological laws that are the basis of all other sports: When you practice freediving, you hold your breath! Dry Training for Freediving helps us understand how to incorporate other sports into our freediving training.
The absolute truth may still be far from being known, but I think this book will help us move in the right direction.
And I hope it can help you, even unintentionally, become like Pelizzari more easily.
Now it’s time to hold your breath …without fear!
Massimiliano Rosolino

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Additional Information

NameDry training for freediving