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Best Divers Eleny Rubber Weight, 0,5KG Black

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Weight covered in black thermorubber.


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Lead weight covered in black thermo-rubber.
The special processing of this weight involves casting pure lead ingots.
The 'raw' lead is then inserted into a thermoplastic mould and overmoulded.
In this way, all the characteristics of traditional ballasts in terms of weight and bulk are guaranteed, combined with thermo-rubber protection.

The Eleny weights are fastened to the belt by inserting the nylon support provided (which can be moved to the preferred position quickly and easily) and screwing the lead directly into it. The screw inserted into the lead itself will stop it sliding.

To adjust its position, simply unscrew the lead slightly and move it to the belt.

Additional Information

Additional Information

BrandBest Divers
NameBest Divers Eleny Rubber Weight, 0,5KG Black
Warranty2 Years


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