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Mareshop Calendar 2024


The Mareshop calendar for 2024 is now available, in the easy-to-hang format.

As always, we would like to thank all our friends who help us realise it with their photos.
And we hope that this calendar will be a companion to all our friends and customers in a peaceful and sea-rich year.

Digital format is always available via our website.

Download now your free pdf copy

We thank the authors of the Mareshop 2024 calendar.

Stefano Aldrovandi
Manuela Cortesi
Filippo Di Natale
Alessio Galoppi
Valentina Granzotto
Raphaël Léger
Elena Perla
Luciano Pregnolato
Stéphanie Rénard
Susanna Randazzo
Mauro Roberto Scalabroni
Bernd Ullrich
Antonio Venturelli
Inge Wallumrød

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