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Mareshop 2023 Calendar


Mareshop 2023 Calendar: get ready for the contest!

After the great success and the fans' appreciation, nothing can stop us!
For the fourth year in a row, we're asking all our customers and friends for help to find 14 great pictures to celebrate our passion and love for the ocean. 

If you love the sea and you like taking pictures, this is your chance to become one of the protagonists of the new year and let thousands of people who share the same passion know your best shot.

Rules are simple:

  • the photo must have the sea or ocean as a theme, without recognizable people, we prefer landscapes and natural environments
  • choose your best shot and get ready to send it to us between 1st and 30th September 2022
  • we will choose 14 images: one for the cover and 13 for the months from January 2023 to January 2024
  • the authors of the selected photos will receive a copy of the paper calendar and a coupon worth 10€ to shop with us

This year the wall calendar will be printed in 3,000 copies and will be distributed free to all customers who place an order in December, but also to all friends who request it.

The calendar in digital format will always be downloadable from our site. 


And if you are not one of the lucky people who have the 2022 wall calendar at home, you can still download a free digital copy of all our calendars!

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