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Amphibious designs bags, duffel bags, backpacks, waist pack, and accessories for mobile phones, i-Pod, VHF radio, GPS navigators, cameras and more. All the products are waterporoof and seal tight to preserve the content from water, humidity, dust, sand, dirt, salted water. Products by Amphibious are durable and versatile, well used in sports, working and leisure outdoor activities. All of them are designed in team with specialist of these activities.

Amphibious material are seam-less, only High-Frequency Welding to guarantee a total waterproof result, and a particular resistance to heavy use and extreme conditions. The special Quick PROOF Amphibious closure system, allows easy insertion of bulky objects, with the maximum safety, reliability and low water absorption. Amphibious products enable easy and convenient stowage even when not in use, thanks to their low volume pack.

We advise users to read the iconography legend for a more easy and precise choice of product depending on usage.

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